BlockTribune, "Amazon Making Blockchain Mainstream – Opinion"

So by now we have all heard of Amazon’s AWS blockchain templates. But what does this really mean to the world of blockchain technology? Well, if you haven’t taken the time to properly have a look, their off the shelf frameworks designed to work with the likes of ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric allow for super-fast deployment of a blockchain network, either public or more private with the Hyperledger.  One question I have is, will the platform be built on other potential platforms like the greatly awaited EOS, dubbed as the potential ethereum killer?

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Sarah Benichou, "#SundayInterview. Create your own recruitment network"

"Blockchain is leading the way to having a life long record of performance, trust and privacy within the recruitment industry. Think of blockchain acting as a true record of achievement and will be something users will not be able to lie about (Which is one of the biggest problems in recruitment, candidates lying). We will be able to track a user throughout their career journey, more accurately bringing together the right candidate, with the right company."

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Sarah Benichou