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  • We share our fees with jobseekers

  • Get a signing reward of up to 5% with every job

  • Upload your resume - we find the job for you

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We are revolutionizing how people find work with the Job.com Visa® Prepaid Reward Card

We are revolutionizing how people find work with the Job.com Visa® Prepaid Reward Card

No searching, just matching

Upload your resume and our AI matching technology will match you with new jobs.

Your privacy is important to us

No one can search for you on our database. We only share your contact details at interview stage.

We give you feedback at every step

Our technology feeds back to you from the second you apply, to the day you get your signing reward. You will always be in the loop.

We reward you when you are hired

We share most of the fees that would normally be paid to an agency with our jobseekers.

Your 5 steps to getting a signing reward


Upload your resume and let us do the searching for you

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s one click closer to that job


Get matched to personalized Jobs

Using the latest A.I. matching technology we’ll match your skills with suitable roles from leading companies


Apply and deal with employers direct

Chat directly with the employer and get feedback on where your application is at every step


Arrange interviews with our Job.com support team

Get interview requests, help and guidance from the Job.com support team when you need it to secure the job


Claim a signing reward of up to 5% of your salary.

After 90 days in your new job, get the equivalent of up to 5% of your first year’s annual salary on a Job.com Visa® Prepaid Reward Card

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