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Why Would Facebook Hire Blockchain Engineers?

Facebook announced that it would be expanding its exploratory blockchain team.

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IBM Using Blockchain And AI to Find Knowledge Economy Workers

Arran Stewart, Co-Founder And CVO, Job.Com IBM has recognized that AI has become one of the most...

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AI and its Shortcomings: What Happened at Amazon?

How did an inherent bias against women creep in? Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting Artificial...

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Amazon Is Just the Tip of the AI Bias Iceberg

Amazon recently...

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Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting -Tips for Preparing a Resume for AI and Humans

Have you ever put together a resume you felt was pretty impressive but never got a response from the...

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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Read A Resume As Well As A Human?

The reality is, AI has come a long way, but it’s still not perfect.

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What Does Artificial Intelligence Think of Your Resume?

When you think of artificial intelligence []...

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AI Recruitment Shows Bias Against Women

It has recently been revealed that Amazon previously used a recruiting tool that had a bias against...

Read More earmarks $1.2 million for partnership

Blockchain recruitment platform has earmarked $1.2 million dollars to fund discounts for new...

Read More unveils blockchain-based job matching platform, a premier job matching platform with more than 60 million users worldwide, today announced...

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