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5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Come Back to Work

Are you worried your employees may not come back to work post pandemic?

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How To Identify And Retain Fantastic Talent with Arran Stewart of

It’s important that we focus on making the world a better place, through our services and products...

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These industries will be hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic — but one sector will likely remain ‘recession-proof’

As the government continues to introduce measures to slow the spread of the virus and promote the...

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Artificial intelligence in the age of algorithmic transparency

AI will only be successful if it inspires confidence in consumers and citizens. Making decisions...

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Diversity Deliverables: How AI (And Careful Thought) Can Improve Company Demographics

Diversity in the workplace is not only a good thing - it’s essential. A workforce that features a...

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Steve O’Brien of talks about the role of AI in hiring

The former vice president of’s Talent Fusion, Steve brings over fifteen years of...

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How to Hire the Most-Qualified Person in the Future

This is how employers will avoid the high costs of hiring the wrong person and job seekers can avoid...

Read More and eQuest Team Up to Bring Together Powerful Recruitment Marketing and Candidate-Employer Matching Tools

Job delivery platform, eQuest, and AI-powered recruitment platform announced a collaboration...

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Turn Recruitment into a second income

Become a Recruitment Consultant in your Spare-time and earn tens of thousands of dollars.

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Blockchain will Bring Honesty to Hiring

Is blockchain all hype? You could forgive some of the skeptics who would jump and agree to the above...

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