CTO Vision, "Blockchain Templates: Amazon Making Technology Mainstream"

Arran Stewart June 5, 2018

It might just be me, but the news of Amazon’s blockchain templates has got me very excited. I can assure you that it’s not the thought of a blockchain template though that is the exciting bit. What has got me jumping for joy and so should the rest of the blockchain world, is that one of the largest and most successful online technology companies, Amazon, has chosen to create a template for mass adoption and rapid roll out of blockchain on Amazon Web Services.

What makes it even more incredible news is that one half of there offering can be deployed on Ethereum as the framework, if you don’t hold even some Ethereum, maybe now is the time… Coinbase anyone? This is massive and says one simple thing, this technology – that was once a niche, which has had no end of critics, is here to stay.

So let’s examine what launching a blockchain template means for the masses? Well put simply, Amazon has created the GoDaddy 1-hour website creation for blockchain, ok maybe that is a little extreme, but in principle it is exactly that, it’s a template either on Ethereum or Hyperledger fabric and it allows developers to launch on Amazon instances rapidly, allowing them to focus on the development of the application that will actually sit on the blockchain.

We can expect to see more businesses than ever utilizing the power of blockchain and all its trust properties in a myriad of different applications, from health to logistics. The reality is, whatever your application is meant to do, you always want it to be secure and trusted, so putting it on the blockchain is the natural extension for any site or app.

My predictions are that now blockchain will truly become part of almost every application ever made, its core properties and principles the only way to truly provide security and trust. I also predict that other major household name tech organizations will follow suit and potentially release fast deployment templates, in the race to win more users adopting their platform and infrastructure. Google, where are you?

We all know that IBM and Oracle have a team that work on bespoke blockchain platforms, but that’s enterprise stuff, which is cool, but it’s not the mainstream approach Amazon has taken, so for that I feel they didn’t get as much airplay.

My further predictions are the race towards blockchain perfection has truly begun, you think for one second Amazon has released this and isn’t working on the next ten releases to perfect, improve and expand on this offering? Of course they are, and so are many other companies that in essence all contribute to the further adoption of this technology.

Blockchain has really gained its press off the back of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but Ethereum and its further properties has now come forward as the chosen one. Yes, there are alternatives pegged to be the dragon slayer such as EOS, but with Ethereum’s Casper soon to grace our lives, transaction speeds will drastically increase to provide a more robust and much faster set up to cope with the increased demand globally. Amazon just publicly put it out there with their templates that this is definitely going to happen.  Since Amazon’s blockchain templates are free and you only pay for instances, all that is left is to decide, am I going to build a platform that is outdated, unsecure and inferior to the rest from day one, or not?

I think the most exciting part from all of this, is the education piece, where normal consumers will start to see blockchain technology introduced to so many parts of their daily diet. Whereas once, when you thought of blockchain, the average person with any headline news knowledge would have said, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, but will soon start to talk about how they can share their medical records instantly, how they gained a job through blockchain, and how they kept a track of Christmas presents from manufacturer to wholesaler.

It really is an exciting time and despite Amazon’s slightly jaded and stealthy move towards introducing these blockchain templates, I for one embrace their move with open arms and look forward to what we can expect next from them and the rest of the tech world in the future.

Sarah Benichou