Jobs Portal Watch, " completes successful pre-private token sale through"

Recently, a blockchain-focused enrollment website, divulged their rewarding pre-private deal for brand new service tokens and is about to start their private sale cycle. The tokens will act as a benefit for positive customer behavior on the website which will go public later in June. This release took place at 2018 within an exclusionary SiliconANGLE conversation which included’s co-founder Paul Sloyan and the founder of Bloq, and board member, Matthew Roszak.

During this pre-private sale cycle, has earned a lot of positive rumbles and will begin changing toward the private cycle, ending in their inauguration in June. Their blockchain focused website will hopefully change safety, clarity, and authenticity for the employment management industry. This should grant companies and potential hires the ability to openly discuss their opportunities without the requirement of someone else to be involved.

“The recruitment industry is long overdue for an overhaul, and we know that our work will help bring it into the future,” said Sloyan. “Recruitment is a $638 billion industry spread amongst 405,000 recruitment companies. Using blockchain technology, will decentralize the industry by simplifying and securing the recruitment process, while simultaneously incentivizing companies and candidates to take recruitment into their own hands.”

Talking about the continually growing activity for after their recent achievement, Roszak said, “I’m honored to be an advisor for Jobs, recruitment, and human capital management is a massive industry with a lot of middleman friction and cost. Blockchain and the connected tissue between the job seeker and hirers is a match made in heaven. I think has the right compass, great funding, and a great future.”

This new token proposal won’t just assist boost their blockchain enrollment organization but should also be an essential part of the enrollment platform itself. This one of a kind enrollment website, focusing on their blockchain abilities, intelligent contracts, and robotic education, will begin their new token economy that encourages positive user behavior. Tokens will be given out to companies and employees during all of the hiring process, from the beginning to end.

“The goal is to reward productive members of our platform for handling their own recruitment,” said Sloyan. “Actions such as uploading a resume, applying to jobs, or attending interviews will be rewarded with our new tokens. We hope to eventually extend these benefits to companies who use our platform as well.”

This will begin the private selling section for the TGE, and a pre-public deal should start around June.

Sarah Benichou