and Matthew Roszak Announce Successful Pre-Private Sale of Token at

This week, blockchain-based recruitment platform announced that it had successfully completed the pre-private sale of its new utility tokens and is now rapidly entering a private sale period. These tokens will serve as a reward for good user behavior on’s platform set to launch this June. The announcement was made at 2018 during an exclusive Silicon ANGLE interview, facilitated by Strategic Coin, featuring Co-Founder Paul Sloyan and Bloq Founder and Advisory Board Member Matthew Roszak. has generated significant buzz through its pre-private sale and is now moving forward to its private round, which will ultimately lead up to the platform launch this June. The new blockchain-based platform is anticipated to revolutionize the security, transparency, and reliability of the recruitment industry, allowing companies and applicants to securely negotiate job terms, without the need for a middleman.

“The recruitment industry is long overdue for an overhaul, and we know that our work will help bring it into the future,” said Sloyan. “Recruitment is a $638 billion industry spread amongst 405,000 recruitment companies. Using blockchain technology, will decentralize the industry by simplifying and securing the recruitment process, while simultaneously incentivizing companies and candidates to take recruitment into their own hands.”

Speaking to the increasing interest around in light of this significant milestone, Roszak said, “I’m honored to be an advisor for Jobs, recruitment, and human capital management is a massive industry with a lot of middleman friction and cost. Blockchain and the connected tissue between the job seeker and hirers is a match made in heaven. I think has the right compass, great funding, and a great future.”’s token offering will not only help catalyze its new blockchain-recruitment system, but will also be an integral part of how the system itself works. With its first-of-its-kind recruiting platform – utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, and machine learning – will launch a new token economy that incentivizes behavior, awarding tokens to both companies and job seekers throughout the hiring process, from recruitment through signing.

“The goal is to reward productive members of our platform for handling their own recruitment,” said Sloyan. “Actions such as uploading a resume, applying to jobs, or attending interviews will be rewarded with our new tokens. We hope to eventually extend these benefits to companies who use our platform as well.”

This announcement marks the start of the private sale stage of the TGE, with pre-public sale anticipated to begin in June.

Charlie Meek