Medium, "Former Wall Street Exec Eric Yaverbaum Raves About Crypto’s Potential"

Accomplished Wall Street Executive and standing CEO of Ericho Communications, Eric Yaverbaum, sums up the cryptocurrency environment in three words “Brave New World”. While cryptocurrency is not brand new, it is still in the pioneering phase with areas untouched and yet to be discovered. As a industry leader for over 26 years, Yaverbaum is far too familiar with the ebb and flow of ever-changing markets, publishing several books in the realms of finance, marketing, and communication. His professional experience, in addition to his tenure in economics, has brought the CEO to a deep understanding of the true nature of the Crypto market — a space filled with possibilities, and not entirely as obscure as it may seem.

His perspectives and insights come from his experience as early adopter of the internet, social media, and now blockchain: “Thirty years ago, I remember telling my contemporaries that the internet was the future of commerce and they called me crazy, now look where we are as a society. Then I said that social media would change information dissemination forever. That was met with equal, if not greater skepticism… the “Next Big Thing” feeling I got from the web and social media is the very same feeling I have with cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s smart, adaptable, dynamic technology with the potential to disrupt practically every industry.“

Advisors and investors like Yaverbaum, help drive the adoption of cryptocurrency as mainstream, opening up opportunities for small and large scale investors to get a piece of the pie while it’s still hot. It’s the early adopters that make technology mainstream, or those truly able to implement theory into real and conceivable practice — not the creators,. “As of now, the media sees blockchain and crypto as something that needs to be tamed… the concern is that those who don’t fully understand the technology are susceptible to scams. In other ways though, the skepticism is simply short sighted and rooted more in a lack of understanding of the technology. However, as everyone adapts and starts to understand the technology better, this will no longer be an issue.

Once that fear of the unknown is overcome people will be able to see the advantages of blockchain technology and how it will solve some of the serious technological challenges we face. Consumers are looking to regain their privacy. They are starting to demand security and privacy from companies. This is why companies such as are moving to the blockchain. They want to give control back to the consumers. In the here and now though and in terms of recruitment,’s platform will put more power in the hands of consumers to control and manage their own data, making it both incredibly transparent and secure….Be patient with public and media perception of your industry. It’s young and everyone is still learning about blockchain technology, there is a lot of misinformation out there, so it’s a challenge to cut through the clutter and distinguish between what’s legitimate and what’s not. That said, it’s something that will become more ubiquitous and part of the very fabric of our digital lives.”

About Eric Yaverbaum, CEO of Ericho Communications

Eric Yaverbaum, CEO of Ericho Communications, is a communications, media, and public relations expert with over 35-years in the industry. He is a regular guest on Fox’s Tech Take, where he discusses and contextualizes technology trends, a HuffPost contributor, and bestselling author of seven books, including PR for Dummies and Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. His expert commentary has been featured on Forbes, The
Washington Post, The New York Times, and PR Week, among many others spanning over several decades.

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