Medium, "Meet Our Advisor Kheira Boulhila"

After spending 20 years in Global consulting companies, such as Accenture, in High Tech area, Kheira Boulhila has developed an expertise in Digital innovation and end-to-end digital transformation programs. She has been focusing at C-level relationship to create strategy plan, evaluate business case and implement innovative solutions in Europe.

How did you get into this industry? Can you tell us about some of the projects you’ve worked on that stand out for you? How did you come to be an advisor for

One of my previous colleague at Accenture joined and I had the opportunity to meet 2 co-founders. The strategy behind is particularly innovative and brings strong opportunities to disrupt hiring market based on blockchain and the latest technology.

How does your background with startups and tech affect how you see the possibilities of this platform?

I have spent many years in High Tech industry, evaluating solution from business case to technical solutions, focusing both on user experience and operations background. Technical choices made by as well as the management team bring me strong confidence in the execution of the roadmap and the delivery on time. As the platform is based on the latest technology such as smart contracts and artificial intelligence, it will offer many opportunities to add business rules and make it flexible and easy to take into consideration new requirements from users and companies.

From your experience why do you think is going to change the recruitment industry? What problems are they going to fix?

Benefits for Hirers using platform for Hirers will bring them incredible values:
- Perfect matching between their requirements and candidates profiles through detailed and accurate search criteria including hard and soft skills and the perfect fit with company culture and value. algorithms will be using the latest technologies functionalities such as automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning
- Accelerate the timeframe to find the right candidate for the company: updates are provided on-line though mobile applications. As there is no intermediary, data flow is clear and transparent through the platform
- Cost efficiency is achieved as most of the process is automated and there is no intermediary. Hirers are paying only when the Jobseeker is joining the company after a trial period. Hirers are paying the exact price for the service: no more, no less.

Benefits for Jobseekers
Leveraging capabilities will create a completely new experience for searching new job and joining the company which is proposing the best job based on skills and culture fit. This can be achieved through:
- Online mobile platform: will offer online and up-to-date services; it will push the best offers to Jobseekers.
- Data privacy: Jobseekers are owning their data and they are deciding to which company they want to expose their data. This is a key engagement from platform
- Rewards: rewards will be granted when a jobseeker finds his dream job or when he recommends the use of platform to the community. Therefore, financial value generated by the perfect match between Hirers and Jobseekers will be shared with Jobseekers. A very valid argument to encourage Jobseekers to use platform. has been in the recruitment business for 10 years. How is their history going to lend itself to their success?

Through their experience, has a fully knowledge and expertise in the industry they are operating. They do know perfectly what the expectations from candidates and companies are and therefore they can address them.

Do you really think AI and algorithms can dynamically serve customers in a unique way? How advanced is the technology? What is new now in this capability? What about the use of A.I and the blockchain? What kind of problems can it solve?

When well configured and based on appropriate data, AI and algorithms can serve incredible business cases. If you look at existing results in Health area, we know already that through AI, we can better identify and care cancers, better than human beings as technology is processing higher volume of data in a shorter timeframe. The same value can be delivered for the recruitment market. AI and algorithms offer capability to process data from many sources to adjust to the best fit between candidates and company. With +50 million of customers and blockchain technology, have the right background to optimize AI.

How do you think this platform can remedy social equality and privacy issues that currently plague the recruitment industry? Do you think the average person understands how exploited their personal information is?

Internet breaks silos and make information available to a larger audience. platform will democratize the recruitment and bring visibility to open positions to everyone. Regarding data privacy, online prior agreement will be requested before using personal data: is indeed bringing traceability.

How do you think the recruitment industry will respond to revolutionizing the process? Do you think they will open the door to other industries to re-evaluate and pivot to cryptocurrency and blockchain?

As any company disrupting an industry, I am expecting some resistance which is completely human! However, the use of the new service when it is well designed and easy to use will go beyond first resistance or questions. More globally, I fully convinced that the world will have no other choice than pivoting to cryptocurrency and blockchain as it is decentralizing access to data.

Right now Do you think that having mainstream, everyday activities like job hunting, moved to the blockchain will speed up its integration into society, and diversify the demographic using it more quickly?

Recruitment market is moving: studies are showing that people are changing jobs more frequently, switching from one company to the others and looking for new opportunities every 12 to 18 months. Through blockchain and AI, is addressing the new trends and moving to the right direction.

If you could give companies in the blockchain one piece of advice, what would that be?

Evaluating the business model and putting the right team to execute the strategy can be one of the advice to give to companies in the blockchain.

Our quick-fire questions about the fascinating world of the blockchain and crypto currency.

Can you sum up the new world of the blockchain and crypto currency in five words or less?

Disruption, New World, Fear

What was your first blockchain/crypto currency moment?

When attending my first conference in 2016: distributed rules, self-governance, advanced technology.

Is life on the blockchain using crypto currency for everyone?

The best is to come.

What do you love about this new age?

Speed and movement.

What do you hate about it?

Volatility and speculation.

Who are you following most closely in the industry? Who inspires you?

Risk takers with optimism and vision.

How do keep on top of all the changes?

Keeping in touch with experts through social medias, attending conferences, showing endless curiosity.

What was a moment in the fast-paced crypto/blockchain world where you said, “Well I didn’t see that coming.”?

When cryptocurrency went outside of the financial space and starts addressing each and every industry.

What is your biggest wish for cryptocurrency?

To disrupt completely the existing world and create a new area as the internet did in the 80’s.

Where do you think will be in 10 years?

Very difficult to predict, but for sure “The place-to-be” for recruitment with impressive functionalities.