Medium, "Meet Our Advisor, Madhu Iyer" Advisor Interview: Madhu Iyer

Madhu is a seasoned start up executive, who has been a Chief Data Officer at several startups and an advisor to various VC funds. She is currently an advisor and Chief Data Officer at Ethoslending. She also has 15 years experience as a data science executive particularly in the Fintech vertical at Intuit. Most recently she was running data, revenue and marketing at a Khosla funded Series B startup in the real estate technology space in SF.

She is focused on building innovation into the DNA of the startups she advises, especially in the areas of blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She has lived and worked in many different countries (including Australia, SE Asia, but primarily SF Bay Area).

How do you feel stands out from the 100s of new TGEs flooding the market? Why do you think users will find it interesting? What is’s value to a user?

Time, Traction and Experience. has all 3 key ingredients. It’s been around for 10 years, has 50 million customer data points, and the founders bring plenty of vertical experience in the space and are building a world class team.
I also see a clear product to market fit. To the job seekers it not only is a fit, but it is a delight, because of the 6% salary incentive while alleviating other biases via the blockchain smart contract technology. To the companies looking for candidates, it provides the fastest way to directly access the best candidates via a confluence of an AI and blockchain platform that has learnt from the millions of data points and will continue to learn from the immutable quality of the data on the ledger.

From your experience, why do you think is going to change the recruitment industry? What problems are they going to fix?

Frankly, the idea of AI super powering a job platform is obvious, but, when there is existing data (over 50 million customers) and decentralized data in the mix, the leverage to be had is all that more.

How does your background with startups and tech affect how you see the possibilities of this platform?

I have vast amount of experience building data driven technology platforms in different spaces and stages. Manier times, powering a smart ML model without much or any data is a problem. However, with’s millions of existing customers, it’s now optimization that we need to focus on. The core strength of the platform is also in the powerful combination of AI algorithms and smart contract protocol. The momentum built and commitment to tech along with the pace over the next 12 months is key.

Quick-fire Questions

Can you sum up the new world of the blockchain and crypto currency in five words or less?

Exciting and much needed disruption!

What was your first blockchain/crypto currency moment?

Having fantastic discussions about a digital non duplicable currency at an ML meetup in 2010. Imagine the excitement among a group of data scientists talking about algorithms ruling the roost?!

Is life on the blockchain using crypto currency for everyone?

It is for everyone who is or wants to use the internet protocol!

What do you love about this new age?

Self governance is the ultimate step for the future. If we really think about it, almost everything else is touched by technology, including complicated genome structures to figure out aging and space travel. A concept of universal digital currency controlled mathematically is not a possibility anymore, but a reality which is going to evolve over time.

What do you hate about it?

That I did not invest in Bitcoin at the right time.

Who are you following most closely in the industry? Who inspires you?

There a ton of players that are both early and new to the game that are equally inspiring. So, I don’t want to single out anyone — yet.

How do keep on top of all the changes?

Endless reading, meetups, and conferences! And that is not nearly enough…

What was a moment in the fast-paced crypto/blockchain world where you said, “Well I didn’t see that coming.”?

A ton of those moments — this coming from someone who knows a lot of data scientists trying to run deep learning models to predict the performance of crypto currency! Leaving aside Cryptocurrency for a moment, I was really excited by the way the smartcontract wave among the corporates of the world, which is a great boost for the adoption of relevant use cases.

What is your biggest wish for cryptocurrency?

That it replaces currency as we have it today.

Where do you think will be in 10 years?

The go-to place for recruiting!