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- that’s a bonus

We have combined artificial intelligence with the blockchain to bring the best jobseekers and great companies together. We are the first solution that rewards successful candidates with a signing reward of up to 5% for using our automated hiring platform.

Job.com is evolving the traditional recruitment model using blockchain technology, enhanced feedback and financial rewards.

This powerful utilization of technology will fulfill our mission to realign the industry away from costly middlemen towards a decentralized, reward-based community.

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Our automated recruiting platform allows you to attract and hire the top talent, assisting you every step of the way.


Our platform has been built to optimize the hiring process for both candidate and employer, led by a team of experienced and innovative recruitment professionals.


Our leading technology works to screen and present employers with the most relevant candidate applications while keeping active job seekers alert to new top jobs.


We believe that transparency between candidate and employer makes for successful recruitment, therefore our platform encourages relevant information to be displayed within our secure cloud-based system.


We utilize all the top channels for quality hires to ensure your jobs attract the right candidates.


Our internal messaging system solves the breakdown in communication between candidates and employers and creates a channel for direct feedback.


We reward successful jobseekers with up to 5% of their annual salary