The Old Recruitment

The current process places obstacles between company and candidate. It’s slow, imprecise, and makes finding the right match harder, for both employer and applicant.


How the Old Recruitment works



The New Recruitment

Provided by, this peer-to-peer platform is fast, precise and cost-effective.


How the New Recruitment works




Removes the middleman recruitment agency


Creates direct company-to-candidate relationships and trades




Works on Smart Contracts


Is enforced by the community


Allows direct interactions to take place and removes the need for centralization through recruiters




  • replaces the recruitment agency
  • Fees will be agreed at 6% per successful hire – a 70% saving
  • Interaction between candidate and client will be direct
  • The database will be private and encrypted – no-one will see candidate resumes 
  • Candidates will control their own hiring and be rewarded for it


    • Companies no longer pay for marketing, or risk money on advertising for candidates

    • match their jobs for free to suitable candidates

    • All ads are branded as the hiring company

    • drive response to the hiring company

    • Only when a candidate is hired and passes the company’s probation period, usually three months, is the client billed

    • Financial risk to the client is massively reduced



      • When a candidate is hired, they receive 83% of the fee from the client as a Signing Bonus and reward for managing their own hiring process 
      • 16% will be retained by as a fee
      • Every candidate who uses the platform and finds a new job, will get 5% of their salary - with we allow them to monetize their data and their talent

      Pay on success

      Our fee is 6% when a candidate has been with the hiring company for three months


      Signing Bonus Incentive

      Of the 6% fee we charge, the candidate receives 83% as a Signing Bonus after three months. This incentivizes them to manage their own recruitment, move from their current role and stay with their new company


      Incentivizing passive candidates

      The Signing Bonus is paid to every candidate we place after three months acting as the perfect incentive for those passive candidates companies want to attract – and costs the company nothing


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