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The best thing ever to happen to recruitment has finally happened.


After twenty years in the industry, analyzing the recruitment process from the inside out, the team here at realized something. Something big. The system needed an overhaul.

No more undervaluing the talent, or overcharging the hirer. We needed to reflect the real interests of both hiring companies and job-seeking individuals. 

So, we ripped up the rulebook. Just like that. Using the unique online capabilities of the Blockchain, we produced a system that rewards both hirer and the candidate for taking the process into their own hands.

By providing both sides with transparency and offering them a direct, productive platform by which to communicate, we’ve eradicated all the bad stuff from the recruitment process. All the secrecy. All the lies. Gone, in a puff of smoke.

And that’s not all we’ve eradicated. We think, because we keep both hirer and candidate involved, it’s only fair that they should earn something for it. So they do. Instead of paying the industry average 20% fee for hiring an candidate, our hirer pays just 6%. And guess where 5 of those 6% go? To the candidate. That’s right. 5% of their annual salary for landing the job. If that’s not reason enough to apply for a job, we don’t know what is…



A better way to find talent and jobs?

Contingency recruitment on a permanent basis has been used to place candidates in companies for decades.


The global recruitment industry is worth over $638 billion per year, of which $150 billion is spent in the USA alone.

On average, recruitment agencies in the USA charge the hiring company 20% of a candidate’s salary for each successful placement.

Today, technology has progressed to the point where recruitment agencies are no longer needed. Using the power of the Blockchain, we’ve found a way to bring both employer and candidate together, in a way that suits both parties. The employer gets a tech-savvy, well-matched candidate for less. The applicant gets a forward-thinking employer and a 5% bonus just for landing the role. We get the knowledge that, next time you’re hiring, you’ll want to do so through us. Everybody wins.


Our recruitment revolution benefits companies and candidates Market


How benefits companies

  • Your company registers with

  • Jobs are posted into the portal free of charge

  • Applications will be submitted to you

  • Sophisticated matching technology will deliver you the perfect short list

  • Interviews are arranged and job offers made

  • You hire the successful candidate

  • Candidate joins and successfully completes their probation period, up to this point no fees are charged

  • At the point you decide you have a ‘Rockstar’, You pay 6% to, which we pay the successful candidate up to 83% as their signing bonus

  • If the candidate fails their probation, there is no charge

How benefits candidates

  • You upload your resume and instantly get job matches
  • Your details stay private at all times
  • No one can search our database
  • You apply for a job, the client communicates directly with you, arranges interview, negotiates salary and you are ready to go
  • Your wallet is instantly updated with your signing bonus and you will then be able to unlock your bonus after completing your probation