Dan Jeffries is an author, futurist and thinker.  He spent two decades as an IT consultant, setting up a broad range of tech from Linux, to virtualization and containers.

He wrote his first story about Bitcoin in 2014 for Bitcoin Magazine when a young writer named Vitalik Buterin was talking about a little idea he had called Ethereum on the writer's Skype channel.  In 2017, he launched DecStack, a virtual co-work community for decentralized app projects, which now boasts more than 4800 members from dozens of major crypto projects.

He's held the number one spot on Medium for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Economics multiple times.  His most explosive pieces (“Why Everyone Missed the Most Important Invention of the Last 500 Years” and “Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency") are shared hundreds of times daily all over social media and been read by millions of people.