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Job.com is evolving the traditional recruitment model using AI matching technology, smart contracts on the blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives.

Job.com has evolved since its launch as job board in 2001. In 2017 Job.com joined forces with MyJobMatcher, which was founded in 2012. The team behind the company has continuously focused its efforts on utilizing technology to disrupt and revolutionize the recruitment industry.

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Our first major achievement was the successful adoption of matching technology as the prevalent method of bringing the best talent and opportunities together. This laid the foundations of our business in the USA and our other brands such as Activehire.com, Zillionresumes.com and Job.net.

We are now harnessing our technology with the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain, to create the world first fully automated recruitment platform.

Our logic is simple - Job.com as a name brand, and its global translation, makes it the perfect vehicle for our organization to launch and scale an international recruitment service utilizing a foundation level of blockchain technology, as well as our long-standing matching technology, powered by natural language process and machine learning AI.

“Our goal is simple - continue to build on our technology to take it to truly revolutionary heights and scale the client base globally, with a first major focus on the USA.”

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