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Job.com is reinventing the way employers attract, hire and retain the right teams. Evolving from one of the first and biggest job boards, our story encompasses more than just resumes and listings. A lot more.

What happens when you take deep experience in staffing and recruitment, combine it with vast expertise in blockchain and artificial intelligence, and throw in a healthy dose of “there’s got to be a better way?” You get Job.com.

Co-founded and led by industry visionaries Paul Sloyan and Arran Stewart, the new Job.com is upending everything you think you know about staffing and recruitment.

  • We’re using advanced data science to put people back in control of their own success

  • We’re unifying the staffing supply chain so companies can reduce the time and cost to hire the right candidates — and retain great employees as long as possible

  • We’re turning recruiters into advocates and partners, not just matchmakers

  • And we’re making the entire experience more human, for everybody.

“The more deeply you understand people, the better opportunities you can find for them. And vice versa.”

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