Offshore Technician

for Team Trident in Lafayette, LA

Job Description

Job Title: Offshore Technician Job Number: 520
Job Type: Full Time
Travel: 60%
Pay Range: competitive
# of Openings: 10
Location: Lafayette, LA

Looking for honorably discharged USMC and USN, E-5 to E-6 with 5 to 10 years of service. Must be recently discharged and willing to live in Lafayette, LA. Must be willing to travel offshore 180 to 220 days per year. Duration of travel is 2 days to 3 weeks per trip.

Our client is a fast growing, high-tech company providing software for advanced pressure analysis for offshore oil & gas equipment. We are looking for highly skilled, very professional former military members to join the field service team.
Most of the work today is in the Gulf of Mexico but soon will be expanding to West Africa and other international locations.

Most difficult technical skill in this position will be to understand network settings in order to communicate between testing console (laptop) and rig equipment (network). An understanding of IT networks and digital communication is a plus.
Offshore Technician''s primary job duties include:
• Installations
o Conduct rig site survey
o Provide recommendations for implementation
o Interface company software with rig network

• Training
o Schedule sessions with rig team
o Conduct training sessions
o Administer competency assessments
o Issue certifications

• Onsite Consultation
o Provide guidance on testing best practices
o Develop and conduct after action reviews

• Product Improvement
o Identify opportunities for product improvement
o Document client feedback and suggestions

Individual Attributes:
- Ability to self-manage and work independently with our clients to coordinate installations, establish training schedules and provide support.
- Organizational skills including project planning, project documentation, technical documentation and feedback.
- Strong interpersonal skills to establish relationships with key client personnel.
- Ability to conduct training sessions, working side-by-side with technicians, engineers, managers and oversight personnel.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Experience and/or education in mechanical, electronic, instrumentation or petroleum technical disciplines.
- Competency and confidence in working with computer applications, network experience a plus.
- Previous work on offshore drilling rigs a plus

- Valid driver''s license and passport
- Ability to obtain a work visa for other countries
- Travel local and abroad with extended stays on deep-water drilling rigs required.
- Safety classes and certifications for travel to drilling platforms will be required.
- Work on unpredictable schedule / on call basis

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