Shift Supervisor - 6th Floor Med/Surg - Full-Time - Non-Exem | Los Angeles, CA -

Shift Supervisor - 6th Floor Med/Surg - Full-Time - Non-Exem

for University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA

Job Description

Academic Title
Shift Supervisor - 6th Floor Med/Surg - Full-Time - Non-Exempt - 12 Hours - Nights - 72 Hours Per Pay Period

Job Announcement

As part of Keck Medicine of USC, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital is the only community hospital in the Foothills area of Los Angeles backed by an academic medical center. With its 40-year legacy of personalized care from expert physicians, experience nurses and a dedicated staff the community has come to know and trust, USCVHH brings patients the latest medical advancements and 24/7 emergency services. Join this world-class team providing highly-specialized care, up-to-the-minute research and innovative clinical trials.

Statement of Purpose:
The Shift Supervisor is a Registered Nurse with recognized leadership abilities and sound clinical skills who will actively supervise a designated nursing station on a designated shift. Reporting to the Clinical Coordinator, and working collaboratively with the Coordinator and the Nursing Director, the Shift Supervisor is responsible for staffing, scheduling, problem-solving, performance improvement, job performance evaluation, setting expectations, working with Directors and preceptors in the orientation and training of new employees, and other supervisory responsibilities of a similar nature.

Job Summary:


* Makes appropriate decisions and is able to provide rational explanation.

* Investigates issues and incidents and follows- up with director and others as needed.

* Reviews all Notifications Forms prior to submission to Director for patterns or trends of staff. Reviews this information periodically with Director.

* Bases decisions on potential impact to others and the organization.

* Listens, remains open-minded, and is approachable

* Demonstrates collaborative behavior.

* Demonstrates effective problem solving skills.

* Escalates issues to Nursing Director or higher as needed, ensures staff follow chain of command.

* Manages conflict constructively.

* Interacts with others in a constructive manner, encourages expression of ideas, and displays respect for differing opinions.

* Role models professional behavior and customer service.

* Collaboratively coordinates patient care and services with other departments.

* Attends and contributes in Nursing Leadership Council.

* Ensures a clean, neat environment, and keeps up with necessary structural/cosmetic repairs, in collaboration with the director.


* Evaluates staff on clinical performances, coaches staff during year and completes annual performance review documentation and submits to Nursing Director.

* As requested, delivers performance evaluations directly to staff.

* Performs counseling with staff as needed. Develops performance improvement action plans with Nursing Director as needed.

* Works with Shift Supervisors to ensure monitoring of attendance, overtime usage, and missed Kronos punches, independently counsels/coaches staff.

* Monitors the Shift Supervisors performance and their implementation of action plans for improvement of clinical care or other administrative areas. Coaches/counsels Shift Supervisors as needed.

* Leads all orientation of new staff to department, ensures all paperwork is current and complete with submission to HR.

* Conducts 30, 60 and 90 day evaluation of new staff in collaboration with the Nursing Director. Ensures any problem areas of performance are addressed with the new employee prior to the 90 day evaluation.

* Leads all education of department staff in collaboration with the Education Department, ensuring all paperwork is completed or Healthstream modules completed by staff and self.


* Manages own time effectively. Able to organize and prioritize responsibilities

* Manages organization of Shift Supervisors and assists as needed with guidance on organizing of shift work.

* Regularly monitors all overtime with Shift Supervisors and coaches/counsels staff. Provides regular reports to nursing director with action plans for improvement.


* Manages the staffing per budgeted unit hours per patient day and provides monthly updates to Nursing Director on any deviations.

* Ensures the Shift Supervisors flex staff as needed for census fluctuations and changes in patient care needs.

* Reviews unit needs for additional/new supplies per physician request, ensures Nursing Director receives regular reports.

* Monitors equipment needs and repairs in collaboration with the director.


* Knowledgeable in Title 22 requirements, DNV regulations, CMS regulations or other regulatory agencies. Educates staff to regulations and provides guidance to Shift Supervisors as needed.

* Provides regular reports to Nursing Director of staff practice/care and coaches /counsels staff as needed.


* Evaluates staff performance against policy and standards in discussion with Shift Supervisors.

* Assists Shift Supervisors with interventions and evaluations for care need.

* Serves as a resource for all staff and provides direction for clinical follow-through.
oEnsures hourly rounding and walking report occurs.
oEnsures all clinical practices are monitored for adherence to policies or standards and coaches/counsels staff.

* Leads clinical projects for improvement of care and creates audit tools for monitoring of projects. Collates information gathered by staff and creates reports for Nursing Directors.

Stays current with knowledge of the following and regularly updates staff on changes or reviews information with new hires.

* National Patient Safety Goals

* Patient identifiers

* Unapproved abbreviations

* Universal Protocol (Procedural Time Out)

* Hand-Off

* Medication Reconciliation

* Clinical Alarms

* Hazardous waste management

* Biohazard

* Medication

* Sharps


* OSHA requirements (i. e. no food or drink in clinical areas)

* Continuou

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