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HVAC Technician III

for Rice University in Houston, TX

Job Description

### Position Information

## Position Summary

The HVAC Technician III will assist in the installation, calibration, operation, repair, and preventive maintenance of building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), as well as other refrigeration systems and associated controls.

## Education Required

HS Diploma or equivalent

## Substitution for Education Requirement

Experience may not be substituted for the education requirement.

## Education Preferred

Some college coursework in related field.

## Experience Required

5 years

## Type of Experience

Experience in industrial, institutional or commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems.

## Substitution for Experience Requirement

Education may not be substituted for the experience requirement.

## Experience Preferred

Background with building controls systems, particularly those found on campus.

## License/Certification Required

Universal EPA Refrigerant Certification within six months of employment.

## License/Certification Preferred

State of Texas HVAC/Refrigeration Licensing and/or other related technical certifications.

## Skills Required

Skill and knowledge of HVAC installation and repairs, including troubleshooting, calibration, adjustment and repair of control components and systems; repair and adjustment of air handling equipment such as blowers, belt drives, coils, ductwork, and control valves; installation, maintenance and repair of direct expansion air conditioning and refrigeration units, including cold box refrigeration systems, environmental rooms, and window units; and maintenance of hot water systems and converters. Proper use of tools of the trade such as hand tools, refrigerant pressure gauges, air flow meters, volt and amp meters, and other system analytical instruments. Ability to read mechanical blueprints and electrical schematic diagrams.
1. Must be a motivated self-starter with strong interpersonal skills.
2. Must have the capability to fully understand sophisticated, state-of the-art interactive systems and the analytical ability to troubleshoot problems and develop solutions.
3. Must have the ability to interact productively with team members, and customers. This includes appropriate communication skills.
4. Must be able to handle a variety of jobs simultaneously, meet deadlines, and be able to react to rapidly changing job priorities.
5. This is a security sensitive position; requires passing a background check for security clearance.
6. Must be able to deal with stressful situations and critical issues with diplomacy.
7. Must be able to work effectively as part of a team, receiving direction and planning time and productivity to meet deadlines.
8. Must have knowledge of HVAC and refrigeration controls and processes. Application of normal safety standards for self and coworkers with the appropriate use of tools and protective equipment as well as maintaining knowledge of current university safety standards.

## Skills Preferred

1. Knowledge of console and/or field operation and adjustment of building control systems, especially as are found on campus.
2. Computer literacy to allow for interface with computerized maintenance management systems.
3. Ability to read and understand drawings and schematics.

## Internal / External Contacts

Within the University:
1. Routinely works with other departments staff and campus administrators including engineers, campus customers, faculty, academic deans, and department heads.
2. Coordinates work activity with maintenance staff and impacted building occupants to minimize disruption.
3. Responsible for coordinating with the Facilities Service Center, FE &P; supervisors and representatives from various departments.
4. Insures good communication regarding planned work.

Outside the University:
Occasional contact with contractors on campus.

## Physical Demands

Must be able to lift loads and climb stairs, ladders, scaffolding, and work around confined areas with piping and wiring obstructions as needed to access equipment. Requires moderate to heavy physical activity that includes the ability to lift and carry objects up to 50 lbs, bend, stoop, climb, balance, stand, and walk up to 8 hours per day. Occasionally required to enter utility tunnels and confined spaces.

## Working Conditions

Physical Environment:
Work is performed primarily in the field in buildings on campus.
1. Requires exposure to high-pressure boilers and steam piping, high voltage electricity, high noise levels, rotating and other potentially dangerous equipment.
2. Requires work in mechanical rooms, tunnels, labs, attics, crawl spaces, non-conditioned spaces and dusty, dirty, and wet conditions.
3. Requires personal protective equipment such as hearing protection, safety shoes and safety glasses.

Work Hours and Travel:
1. After hours work may be required or other work outside the regular schedule may be needed. This position is considered essential during a campus emergency. The incumbent in this position is expected to report to campus, provide the essential services designated and work under the overall direction of the Crisis Management Team for the duration of a campus emergency.
2. Available on a continuous on call basis for response to problems and emergencies that affect campus operations.
3. Requires periodic travel to classes, conferences, and vendor sites as needed.

## Security Sensitive


## Quick Link for Posting

http://jobs. rice. edu/postings/11949

## Job Duty Name

## Description of Job Duty

* Maintain, repair and adjust air conditioning and air handling equipment and systems including Refrigeration, Environmental Rooms, Humidistats, Pressure Controls, Digital, Components, Control Systems, Hot Water Converters, Chillers, and Fume Hoods. Works on and with Control Valves, DX Units, Cold Box, Window Units, Condensers, Chilled Water Systems, Fans, Humidifiers, De-humidifiers, Thermostats, Ductstats, Pneumatic Components, Refrigerant Handling, Cooling Units, a

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