Assistant Store Manager

for Reebok in Paramus, NJ

Job Description

**Assistant StoreManager**


The Assistant Retail
Store Managers primary role is to assist the Store Manager in motivating,
coaching, and developing all store associates to deliver premier customer
service. To maximize the sales and profitability of Rockports retail stores.

include ensuring that corporate policies, procedures, and directives are
upheld, while bringing positive recognition to the brand and making necessary
business decision in the absence of Store Manager

**Key Accountabilities:**

**Assist in ManagingSales Costs and Profitability**

+ Maintain a superior level ofcustomer service.

+ Maintain a positive presence onthe sales floor.

+ Motivate staff and lead byexample.

+ Develop associates sellingskills through effective training and one on one coaching.

+ Encourage and motivateassociates to achieve sales with each customer.

+ Ensure that sales floor isfully stocked.

+ Work with Store Manager to gainunderstanding of and maintain awareness of the stores financial performanceagainst plan and against last year.

+ Assist Store Manager inassessing the local market competition.

**Assist in ManagingProduct Presentation**

+ Implement a high standard ofvisual merchandising as directed by visual merchandising guidelines andStore Manager.

+ Walk the sales floor at thestart of each day and determine actions needed to maintain presentationstandards as upheld by Store Manager.

+ Make sure staff is trained andunderstands presentation and operational standards.

+ Use checklist to ensure thatsales floor is completely restocked throughout the day.

+ Uphold stockroom standards toensure efficient flow of product to sales floor.

+ Ensure that all salesdirectives issued by Store Manager and Corporate are executed in a timelymanner.

+ Assist in executing allmarkdowns, markups, and promotions by the date specified.

+ Ensure that this isaccomplished in Store Manager's absence.

**Assist in ManagingStore Controls**

+ Protect the security of cash, inventory, and other Company assets according to security guidelines anddirectives.

+ Assist in conducting monthlystore audits.

+ Notify Store Manager of anyproblems or discrepancies.

+ Assist in managing store on adaily basis in accordance with policies, procedures, and directives as communicatedby the Store Manager.

+ Make sure that all aspects ofthe store are cleaned and well maintained at all times and that thefollowing tasks are done properly:

+ Recovery should be done eachnight.

+ Restocking should be donebefore store hours as much as possible.

+ Projects and restocking thathave to be done during store hours should be accomplished in a neat andorderly manner.

**Assist in Managing theTeam**

+ Assist in recruiting, training, and developing all store associates.

+ Aid in proactive recruitmenton a consistent basis.

+ Aid in training all staffmembers upon hiring.

+ Assist in ensuring that allassociates are properly trained and cross trained.

+ Create an atmosphere that ispositive and inviting for both customers and staff.

+ Lead by example.

+ Be polite and courteous whencommunicating to staff and customers.

+ Assist in maintaining a highlevel of customer service.

+ Assist Store Manager in thedevelopment of the staff.

+ Communicatedevelopment needs of staff to Store Manager.

+ Assistin implementing development plans when needed.

**Assist in ManagingEffective Communications**

+ Maintain the necessarycommunication in the absence of the Store Manager.

+ Hold daily sales meetings, participate in weekly management meetings and monthly staff meetings.

+ Post sales goals andcommunicate other essential information to sales staff in a timelymanner.

+ Proactively communicate withyour Store Manager daily. Assist in weekly communications to DistrictManager.

+ Maintain open and honestcommunication with sales staff and Store Manager

**Key Competencies**

**Communicatewith Others**

o Transports information effectively in
individual and group situations (such as presentations, meetings, and one-to-one

o Negotiates skillfully in tough situations with
both internal and external groups by being both direct and forceful as well as

o Listens to others, targets communication to
the appropriate recipients and gets messages across that have the desired

**ManageRelationships and Diversity**

o Co-operates well and effectively with people
from a wide variety of backgrounds within and outside the company

o Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as a
natural part of relationships, and finds a common ground to resolve differences
and to develop solutions

o Always acts with the internal or external
customer in mind and establishes and maintains effective and trustful

o Navigates effectively through the hierarchy
and culture of the adidas Group and takes an active interest in understanding
other areas of responsibility

**Planningand Organizing**

+ Works independently and is ableto perform a variety of tasks with different levels of complexity bydeveloping effective plans and organizing his / her work efficiently

+ Thinks and acts in agoal-oriented manner, prioritizes and completes tasks in order ofimportance

+ Utilizes personnel, financial, and material resources effectively and efficiently to get things done

+ Identifies key issues and drawsconclusions by analyzing and comparing data from different sources ofinformation

+ Uses effective approaches forchoosing a course of action or developing

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